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Is a family office right for you?

Many high-net-worth families struggle with a myriad of wealth management challenges despite good fortunes, intelligence, and abundant resources. When you have numerous assets and multiple financial professionals, managing your wealth can be a full-time job. GMAG’s Family Office services include managing bills, tax planning, charitable giving, and preparing the next generation to succeed, helping your family build a lasting legacy.

Our Family Office team is well versed in creating customized financial planning to help families achieve their goals. As trusted advisors, GMAG provides investment management, bill payment, and other services to advise and coordinate your financial, tax, insurance, and estate plans.

The GMAG team collaborates internally and with like-minded outside professionals, creating a collective intelligence to form the solutions that help families meet their goals. GMAG’s mandate is to stay in step with current news on the markets, tax and estate planning laws, and lifestyle trends, all to ensure we are bringing fresh and innovative ideas to you.

We care for your family’s success and comfort the same way we do our own.

We strive to minimize your worries and anxieties. GMAG fosters relationships with your existing advisors to provide you with the insight and information needed to create efficiencies and enable accurate outputs to meet and exceed your needs. We have substantial ties to the wealth management community and can coordinate other professional services such as philanthropy, planned giving, tax planning, banking, risk management, estate planning, and succession planning.

Our team prides itself on creating useful reporting aimed at providing you with an integrated view of your financial position. We focus our efforts on analyzing your assets and spending time to make recommendations that will optimize the probability that you will reach your goals.

GMAG is passionate about reducing complexity in your life while stewarding your ability to achieve your financial and life goals. We are your partners and advisors, putting your interests first, so that you can succeed with peace of mind.

GMAG’s Family Office service gives your family’s goals the attention they deserve. We take your goals seriously, going beyond the scope of traditional wealth management firms. Clients have varying needs and wants; our team takes a hightouch concierge approach toward the things that matter most to you. Supporting your important projects is important to us — whether it be helping plan for a home renovation or investigating the benefits of retirement homes for your loved ones.

We care for your family’s success and comfort the same way we do our own. GMAG’s Family Office offering promotes effective decision-making among your family and professionals, supports your legacy and values, and simplifies your life. It can be challenging to coordinate on your own with multiple family members. Varied relationships and individual financial management skills can have unintended consequences for your legacy. In addition, a lack of coordination among external professionals can be inefficient.

GMAG provides the leadership, experience, and staff needed to enable families to develop, control, and coordinate the management of their shared purpose. Our team is passionate about helping families with the complex necessities of managing wealth, building legacies, accounting, and philanthropy. Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about Family Office.