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The Leading Women of GMAG

The rising economic clout of women is perhaps one of the most significant economic shifts of recent decades. Not only are women generating and managing an increasing amount of wealth, they are also becoming pivotal economic players. The financial industry and our clients are seeking out the exceptional women of GMAG. Our women leaders are sought after to serve both our clients and the greater financial service community.

This year, Margaret Iamunno, our Chief Compliance Officer, was invited to be a panelist at the Portfolio Summit’s Practice Management Summit. Margaret spoke at a virtual gathering of more than 100 independent financial advisors from across the United States who joined together to discuss issues across mergers and acquisitions, branding, compliance, staffing, and technology.

“We all get a seat at the table.”
— Lyndsey Gorham, Senior Client Relationship Manager

“Great leadership decisions are informed by internal and external stakeholders’ expectations, perspectives, and experience. Therefore understanding and empathy are leadership requirements,” she says.

Margaret is among many women at GMAG who are earnest in collaborating and sharing their professional and personal experience. Wealth Strategist Katheryn Jones was among the panelists at the Portfolio Summit’s Women in Wealth Management Summit, which addressed financial planning from a female perspective.


In recent decades, women are generating and managing an increasing amount of wealth, helping female professionals progress in the industry, and diversifying GMAG’s client base.

“We have built a special community.”
— Lauren Onsrud, Chief of Staf

“What’s wonderful to see in my 20-year career is the shift in ownership of wealth. More and more, women are generating their own wealth and are the decision makers of the household,” says Danielle Paganuzzi. A Senior Client Relationship Manager and mentor to our staff, Danielle is highly involved in the firm’s strategic decisionmaking.

Our culture of professional and personal growth is part of the very fabric of the firm, which led to women in leadership roles from the beginning. “We empower people at GMAG. Everyone on our team is trusted and aims for exceptionalism in their roles,” says Founder and Managing Principal Frank P. Marzano.

As one of the top decision makers, Margaret knows the importance of each team member bringing a different point of view: “At GMAG, diversity of thought and viewpoints forge critical thinking and problem-solving— this brings a tremendous value to our organization.” Margaret adds, “The exchange of ideas is very important here so there is an open forum. Different points of view are additive to the process.”

Cultivating this atmosphere of trust, respect, and excellence requires a dedicated hiring practice. Chief of Staff, Lauren Onsrud adds that diverse perspective and exceptional client service skills are the top qualities she looks for in every potential team member.

“I am fortunate to work with a team of brilliant and hard-working people,” Lauren says. “We have built a special community.” At GMAG, we focus on recruiting the best talent who bring unique viewpoints and experience that add significant value to our collaborative approach to service.

“We have so many women in leadership positions. We all get a seat at the table,” says Lyndsey Gorham, Senior Client Relationship Manager. Lyndsey is one of our most senior team members, with 14 years under her belt at GMAG. As first point of contact as a Senior Client Relationship Manager, she is known for being a reliable champion for our clients.


Our women are key to GMAG’s strength in the industry. “I am constantly surrounded by women who understand the business and who are lifetime learners,” says Katheryn.

“The exchange of ideas is very important here, so there is an open forum. Different points of view are additive to the process.”
— Margaret Iamunno, Chief Compliance Officer

Rosemary Timoney, CFP, agrees that clients benefit from women in leadership positions. For the past eight years, she has served as a Senior Client Relationship Manager, ensuring clients’ wealth planning needs are prioritized. “My unique perspective lets me a better advocate for our clients to deliver an exceptional experience.”

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