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Salesforce Dreamforce 2021 Virtual Conference

GMAG attended Salesforce’s virtual Dreamforce in late September as part of our continuous investment in learning and technology. Salesforce took Dreamforce 2021 to the virtual world to highlight their recently premiered Streaming service, Salesforce +, enhancing remote work & collaboration through their Slack acquisition and integration with Salesforce CRM. The event emphasized the importance of agility (as made apparent by the pandemic) and integration to bring all the platforms together.

This ground-breaking conference also shared latest news and announcements from Salesforce and the most inspiring stories of customer success and transformation from Marc Benioff, Salesforce executives, global leaders, and changemakers.

As part of our digital transformation, GMAG has invested in multiple technology platforms for a carefully curated experience that is customized to the unique needs of our clients. Both Salesforce and Slack are a part of our platform that serves as an intelligent resource to unite our departments around our clients.