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Team Members from Left to Right: Angela Loffredo, Operations Manager; Shania Ishridas, Performance Reporting Analyst; Michael Bueti, Portfolio Manager and Frank Lavrigata, Managing Director

Led by Managing Director, Frank Lavrigata, key members of our Operations, Portfolio, and Technology teams met with our counterparts at Fidelity to share our perspective on business and trends in the industry. Additionally, our team attended sessions in pursuit of the best ideas to innovate our service and bring value to our relationships.

Here are a few sessions that stood out for us:

  • Engaging Family Dynamics and Wealth Systems
    • GMAG strives to differentiate by offering more holistic, all-of-life planning to our clients. We know to best service our clients a deep understanding of the relational and emotional dynamics within a family are key to providing tailored advice to suit their needs.
  • Moments that Matter: Delivering Value to Clients [Tax Planning and Gifting]
    • GMAG always looks at the big picture and seeks tax-efficient strategies to help our clients give smarter during these uncertain times while preparing for year-end planning conversations.
  • Digital Empowerment
    • GMAG continually invests in and reevaluates our technology ecosystem. We have a defined strategy and are focused on effective activation of an integrated technology ecosystem to deliver premier service

We are always looking for ways to better serve our clients. The entire GMAG team is aligned with the same vision: To meet every private wealth management need with exceptional service.