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GMAG NextGen team hosts webinar with Barron’s and the College of Charleston’s School of Business.

GMAG and Barron’s hosted a webinar for the students of the College of Charleston School of Business: Personal Finance 101: Start Budgeting, Saving, and Investing NOW.

Frank Lavrigata, Managing Principal and Alyson Woolbright, Client Service Associate (and College of Charleston alumni) spoke about the basics of saving, spending, and investing, while providing useful tips that young adults can apply to their own financial life.

College presents a unique time in a young person’s life where financial literacy education is particularly important. These personal finance principles and resources also lay the groundwork for major decisions that happen shortly after college graduation—like buying a home and a car and managing credit and debt.

GMAG continues to sponsor a partnership between the College of Charleston’s School of Business and Barron’s, a sister publication to the Wall Street Journal published by Dow Jones & Company. This partnership, run through the Barron’s in Education program, provides faculty and students at the School of Business with a set of resources—including digital access to Barron’s content, weekly newsletters, and frequent webinars hosted by GMAG’s NextGen professionals on relevant financial topics.

Frank Lavrigata

Frank Lavrigata

Managing Director

Alyson Woolbright, GM Advisory Group

Alyson Woolbright

Client Service Associate (and College of Charleston alumni)