Charles Scarallo and Carolina Llano GOLF FORE AFRICA

at the East Coast Golf Classic


Golf Fore Africa is currently working on bringing clean, fresh drinking water to over 200,000 people in rural Africa and is committed to helping end the global water crisis by 2030.

Their mission is to bring hope and change to children & families living in extreme poverty in Africa. Golf Fore Africa partners with World Vision to deliver the wells and mechanized systems to the villages in need.

Carolina Llano CFP® sits on the Board of Directors, serving as Treasurer for the GOLF FORE AFRICA and is passionate about the work of this organization.
Water gives life.
Having access to clean water is a necessity, but it also brings

  • Good Health – fewer diseases and better sanitation
  • More Opportunity – especially for women and girls in the community to start their businesses.
  • Better Education – it allows for kids to go to school instead of collecting water