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Now that the kids are home from school, it’s a perfect time to reinforce good habits. Regular chores and allowances teach responsibility, the value of hard work, and other important life skills, like knowing how to do laundry. In the theme of digital transformation, new app-based chore trackers can provide your children with a lot more than the typical fridge chart.

Even better, many of these apps can teach financial literacy skills like investing and savings.

Since smartphones have pervaded every aspect of our lives, it’s only natural for us to meet kids where they are on their mobile devices. The apps below track household responsibilities and reward good behavior with everything from money to monsters.


BusyKid not only tracks chores and doles out allowances, it teaches the fundamentals of interest rates and investing. Your kids will feel very adult with a prepaid debit card to spend their money, with options to invest in real stocks or donate to charities.


Are typical allowances not working for your family? ChoreMonster removes money from the equation in favor of Pokémon-like collectible monsters. The fun graphics and a minigame engage younger kids that are nonplussed by traditional monetary rewards.


Have older kids? FamZoo is a more polished app perfect for youngsters and college students alike. It even lets parents set custom interest rates to encourage saving and avoid overspending. With options to use prepaid debit cards or virtual IOUs, this app can be catered to your family’s exact needs.


Gohenry is another option for teens. Kids can design their own custom prepaid debit card, and parents gain the control to set weekly and one-off spending limits for their more spendthrift offspring. See something going wrong? Parents can temporarily deactivate cards from their mobile app.


Looking for more control? Greenlight lets parents set specific stores where their kids’ debit cards can be used. Set up recurring or one-off chores with a simple checklist, helping your children prioritize tasks and saving you from daily pestering sessions.


Is your youngest trying to save up for that new LEGO set? Or does your eldest need to prepare for car insurance payments? RoosterMoney is a smooth, user-friendly app that allows kids to set their own savings goals.

As the world changes around us, so should our attempts to relate to our children. By preparing them with financial literacy and digital skills, we’re doing our best to prepare them for the future, a parent’s ultimate goal. With apps like these, learning responsibility can be fun.